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I'm so impressed and amazed with the shots you two were able to get. I am not even sure how you got some of the shots :) You are a true professional. Thank you so much!!
— Amanda B.


I wanted to let you know that as much as I was a pain in the butt I think you were absolutely amazing. I will definitely be recommending you to any of my friends that are in the market for a wedding photographer or any other pictures for that matter. I would like to officially apologize for being silly and giving you two a hard time. You were professional and thorough. Thank you!
— Adrienne

A sample of our wedding photography. Click on any photo for the complete, large view, where you can use your mouse wheel or your left/right arrow keys to move between photos.

Be sure to visit our slideshow page to see slideshows of individual weddings we've photographed in the last few months. Each slideshow features 30-50 photos from a single wedding.

All images appearing in this website are completely and totally the work of Addy Photography.