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[The Addys] were fun, friendly and professional ... I would recommend them to anyone who would like amazing pictures.
— Megan


We loved [our photos]. We really appreciated your attention to detail! We don't know anyone who is getting married anytime soon, but we will refer them to you right away for photography because we loved having you!!! Thanks so much for giving us these memories. I look at them and laugh at the faces people are making the moments I didn't see happening while they were happening but that I am able to experience through the photos. You are awesome! :)

Thank you!!!!!! X 100!! :)

(Jeff loves the photos too, that was his dream, good photography for the wedding and he got it thanks to you and your awesome sidekick!)

— Krystal R.

A sample of our wedding photography. Click on any photo for the complete, large view, where you can use your mouse wheel or your left/right arrow keys to move between photos.

Be sure to visit our slideshow page to see slideshows of individual weddings we've photographed in the last few months. Each slideshow features 30-50 photos from a single wedding.

All images appearing in this website are completely and totally the work of Addy Photography.