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... we have BEAUTIFUL pictures to remember our big day by. We wanted our wedding to have a very classic and romantic feel, and our pictures truly portray that emotion!
— Erin M.

Your Investment in Wedding Photography

You're going to love [the Addys]! During the wedding we felt comfortable with Cliff and his team ... It's like reliving the event through photos. We ... took years to finish our wedding albums because of my husbands military move to Germany. Years... I don't know how Cliff didn't lose interest, our stuff and move on. Cliff never had any issues with us taking our time and was always easy to communicate with via email. Now that I have the finished product, it's perfect! And will be displayed for all visitors to see. You won't regret this pick!
— Kristen K.

So, what will you be investing?

Our wedding photography clients' investments start at around $2500, with a typical client investing around $4000.

We're here to help

Get the low-down

For details on your investment in our quality products and services, please contact us. We don't publish investment information on the website because your investment level will vary a little bit depending on date and location. Just let us know when and where you're getting married and we'll get back to you with all the details ASAP.